Monday, September 11, 2006

The Girl Who Cried Toe

Our smallest daughter and third child overall, Maddie, is a pill. In fact, at this very moment I hear our second child, Sarah coming my way crying, "Mommy, Maddie tried to hit me with the basket and I wanted to be with WILLIE." She is the child that wakes up her siblings to have someone to fight with, like this morning when she came in to where I was sleeping with her baby brother, and slid in between us. She snuggled me which was fine, snuggles always welcome here, but then she turned over and started tickling her brother aggressively to wake him up. I delivered a quick swat to her hind end, just to make the point, you never wake a sleeping two year old. EVER.

She left me to go walk on her sisters backs as they slept, and soon I was dealing with an all out screaming, crying, nose-punching funfest.

They are home today because of this weekend's events.

Saturday morning Maddie said she was walking and felt a little crack and her toe hurt. Her dad examined the toe and it looked fine, no swelling, able to bend, but it hurt. We decided to keep an eye on it. She walked funny the remainder of the day, and funnier on Sunday. She said she couldn't clean because her toe hurt, which we pronounced as horse poop. She is five and always makes up injury excuses to avoid helping around the house. Well, about 3 pm yesterday my husband examined the toe and noted a knot on top. I looked at it and it was a fainly purple lump. I didn't like it so I said we needed to take her in. The nearest pediatric urgent care is in Albuquerque, 23 miles away, so we headed in.

She was examined, and set up for an x-ray. I went back with her, and she was so scared about the x-ray. I lifted her onto the table, and she laid there squeezing her eyes shut and covering them with her folded arms in terror. She did this for the first four views, and the fifth she watched. After they were done they gave her a coloring book and some crayons and told us to wait in the waiting room, and I told the tech that Maddie wanted to see her films. A few minutes later he came back and took us into the viewing room, and they have the coolest computerized views. The tech looked and said the toe looked fine, I looked and didn't see anything, and a radiologist who wasn't working but just happened to be there glanced at it and pronounced that it looked pretty good. They sent us back to the urgent care area to await the nurse practitioner.

By this time the other kids were climbing the walls of the urgent care waiting room. It was after 7, they were FUNGRY, and sick of being there. We waited just a short time and the NP brough Maddie and I back again. She said she had looked at the films and they looked good, but that the official radiology report was the final word and she wasn't going to make us wait for that. She said to give her some motrin three times a day for a few days, and to watch it for redness, fever or other joint involvement. She said she would call us if there was anything on the report.

Well, we had to stop at the store and get motrin, so I also bought stuff for a fast no-cook dinner, a preroasted turkey breast, box of salad and toppings, and french bread. It was 9 when we made it home and got dinner on the table, and the kids were up until 10. I wasn't going to make them get up early to make the school bus, because I knew they wouldn't perform well in school. So at 9:30 the NP calls me. Maddie has a tiny avulsion fracture of the right first metatarsal head. She said it looked like the ligament pulled a little piece of the bone away. I have no idea how this happened but Maddie actually had a legitimate booboo!

So this afternoon I have to take her in to the orthopedist and see what they want to do.

Its funny though, after the kids were in bed Charles and I started laughing about what a great weekend we had, despite being stuck in the mud and nearly dying or losing our van (see first blog entry entitled "Why I Started This Blog") cleaning house the rest of the weekend and our daughter breaking her toe, we had such a fun time together, and a lot of laughs, and very little stress. It was our best weekend in MONTHS! (Since our last weekend involving a spontaneous adventure, to be blogged next.)

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