Thursday, September 21, 2006

Another Stellar Week

We have a broken bone count going at the Compton house. In addition to Maddie's toe, we now have William's finger, which I smashed in the bathroom door on the hinge side and broke the tip of. I took him to urgent care, he had x-rays, and they bandaged it, but because it is just the tip he will lose his nail and otherwise should heal fine. I just feel terrible about it.

So the household broken bone count is two.

Yesterday was our 10th Anniversary, and we didn't do too much to observe it. We all took a day off as a family, and intended to hit the State Fair, but I had a job interview scheduled for the afternoon and the preparations of getting the whole family dressed, and me ready for this thing, and not having anything to wear for it, so having to buy a blouse and panty hose put us way off on time. So after the interview we went home and made dinner, and got the kids to bed. It wasn't a really special celebration, but we were all together, so that was nice. And the job interview went very well, so it was a good day.

Quote of the week goes to Maddie...who said to my mother yesterday, "Grammanita, I love your child." My mom asked, "Which one?" and she replied, "Cara!" I love her grandchild too.

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