Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Trip of a Lifetime

I have a son, Danny, who is almost 19. I gave him up for adoption at birth, and looked forward to the day that he called. That day was right after Christmas. He is the most wonderful, brilliant, kindhearted kid in the world. We talk frequently, and his family is amazing. I love his sister like my own daughter, and the kids adore their new siblings.

A few weeks ago our families got together for a wonderful vacation. It was my kids' first beach trip, and it was magical. I can't wait for the next visit, and for a lifetime of adventures with our new family.

Images to come!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

40 Year Old Junior

I know I haven't submitted any posts of late, but I decided to enroll at the University of New Mexico as a junior in Political Science. Most of my classmates could be my own kids, but that is ok, I am having fun.

I am taking some great classes. I have Comparative Politics, where we are exploring other forms of government around the world, The American Presidency, where we are learning about the evolution of our executive branch and discussing Shrubbo's place in history (methinks not so good), Biology for Nonmajors, which is so fun with our quirky and absurdly witty brit Professor Farnsworth, and Spanish Film, where I have enjoyed slobbering over Javier Bardem.

It is a little daunting being back in school, and getting back into the groove of studying, but I think it is a little easier in some ways. After all, being 40, married, done having kids and such, I am not there to find a date. It is easier to concentrate on classwork when you aren't focused on the "urge to merge." Well, maybe not in Spanish Film.