Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some Thoughts

I think I realized the biggest thing undermining my blogging efforts is one of my greatest loves...Facebook.

I love Facebook because it is easy to just post some quick, random thoughts. I am not a Twitterer, though I have an account. It just doesn't captivate me. I love the interaction of my friends and family, the sharing of photos, the political rants, and the banter. I think, though, that it has reduced my attention span to that of a gnat. I need to do more writing. Use it or lose it.

Sitting here in the hospital next to my Sarahbelle, I am reminded of some past observations. Television is terrible. Sarah is watching this show on Style called "How Do I Look?" This is a crueler version of "What Not to Wear." This chick that is being humiliated and made over is a 41 year old grandmother who dresses like a glam rocker. She is about eight feet tall and looks like a drag queen. Her son is one of the people who brought her in for this makeover. The clothes she is being led to are, not surprisingly, quite a bit more modest and attractive than the cut off tee shirts, dog collars and hideous mini skirts. She is being transformed into an Amazon Goddess. But before this they put her in a store front window and asked bypassers to tear her down. I told Sarah, "Please do NOT put me on this show." Worse than even finding your own picture on People of Walmart.com.

Another observation, Sarah is hilarious. Her random comments at the television make this hospital stay worthwhile. I must admit that spending some one on one time with this kid is amazing. Brilliant. We have had long talks, including one early in the stay where she was really mad at me. We had a big fight. I was trying so hard to be helpful and patient, but it was getting harder. She got up for the bathroom, and I went in to help her, because she was hooked up to everything, her gown would fall into the toilet, and she just needed a little assistance. She got so mad at me that she banished me from the bathroom and sat in there a while. When she came out she gave me an hour long lecture about the things that I do to annoy her. I took my lumps, and since then everything has been great for us. We talk, we laugh, it is just a really neat thing spending time with her.

I do miss the other kids, being at home, and relaxing. This is one hell of a way to spend winter break. It is worse for Sarah because she goes back to school next week, so she will have no time off. But she will have great stories to tell.

So now we are on to "A Bug's Life." Nap time for Mommy!

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