Monday, December 26, 2011

I Am Back, and I Hope for Good

I have come to the realization that blogging is good for me. It allows me to vent, and be creative, and to put some energy into reflecting on life and my family, and that is all good. So I am back, with the intention of staying.

A few things have gotten in the way of my continued blogging. Most notably is my entrance into law school this August. The first semester was awesome. I felt completely in my element. I have no idea if I even passed yet, grades will not be posted for a while, but I do know that I learned so much, and I am incredibly happy.

Still it has been years since I regularly blogged. At that time writing was all I had to keep me sane. I lived way out in the snowy mountains, starved for adult contact. My children were still young. When I was blogging several times per day Willy was just 2 or 3, Amanda 9, Sarah 7 and Maddie 6. Amanda will be 14 in a few weeks. I can't believe it. Sarah is 11, Maddie is 10 and Willy is 7. They are so grown up, so beautiful, and still the most loving and wonderful kids in the world. I am grateful for every moment I have with them.

Last Sunday Sarah's appendix spectacularly ruptured. Her white cell count was 32,000 when we brought her in to the pediatric urgent care (which is attached to the hospital). Our little Sarah is the toughest kid in the world. She barely acknowledged pain, just toughed it out. We were so amazed. So the nasty old organ had to come out, and her belly was full of pus, so she is in the hospital. They discharged her Friday, but she was really sick so we brought her back yesterday, Christmas Day.

My hair is going white. I just looked in the mirror and salt is kicking pepper's ass. I am not sure if I am going to go with it or not. We will see.

I am quite tired, but I intend to keep this journal, even if only for me.

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