Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kids are so funny

I am constantly amazed at the things that come out of the mouths of my children.

Yesterday, I was getting in the van to take Sarah and Maddie to the hellementary. Maddie gets in our van and says, "Man, something is really stinky in here." and she and Sarah begin the debate about what could be the cause. Did someone leave a cup with milk? Is there some random thing in the van that is causing the disgusting aroma? Then Sarah brings out a gem, "No, it's just because it's fall, and fall gives you the stink."

Then this morning Amanda was getting in the van to go to school. I opened the sliding door for her and William, William got in, and she was hovering in the doorway with a smile on her face and her eyes closed in bliss. I got in the van, put the keys in the ignition, turned back to her and she said, "Ahhhh I love the feeling of the wind between my ears." I chuckled and said, "Ok Beans, just get in and buckle your brother in."

We then began the short mile and a half drive to her school, and she said, "Mom, sometimes I don't remember my dreams." I told her, "That's normal, a lot of times people don't remember them. Some people never remember them, some people remember them a lot." So Amanda says, "Well sometimes when I don't have a dream I see a screen that says 'THIS CHANNEL IS NOT AVAILABLE." I told her, "Amanda, you watch too much television."


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hellementary School

I have kids in two different elementary schools. Amanda goes to a liberal arts magnet school. It is a fabulous environment for learning, supported by the community, and with a great staff. She is really thriving there, and making lots of great friends.

Meanwhile, my other two, languishing on the waiting list for said school, are at a neighborhood school. Maddie's teacher is fabulous, one of those adorable blonde people who loves little kids and has the patience of a saint. She knows how to get the kids motivated and on task. When I brought cupcakes for Maddie's birthday, the whole class cheered in unison "Wow!" It was pretty cute.

Sarah, however, brought home a note from school today saying her teacher is leaving. A transition is always tough, but this will be her fourth teacher for this school year. YES FOURTH. We are in our fifth week of the school year.

I am so unimpressed with this neighborhood school.

I Just Met the Meanest Man

Yes, the meanest man.

This morning I had a terrible headache. I got up, took Sarah and Maddie to school, came home, showered and jumped back in the van to get Amanda to her school. I had to go back to Sarah and Maddie's school for a PTA board meeting. I knew I needed a cup of coffee so I stopped at my very favorite little coffee place. As I got out of my van I noticed someone had written on the sidewalk in big pink chalky letters...


I am a big fan of random political speak. It made me smile, but I was still oblivious because of the headache, I walked in the door, and was pulling it shut behind me, and the lady at the table next to the door said, "Oh there is someone behind you," and there was a man trying to get in. I pulled the door open, and I said, "I am sorry, I didn't see you! I guess you can come on in!" and he looked at me with the most contempt filled face and said, "Well that's really funny." We approached the counter at the same time and the girl asked me if she could help me, and I said, "I just closed the door in this gentleman's face, please take his order first." He turned and glared at me, and then asked for coffee. By this time I was pretty uncomfortable around him, so I decided to give him a wide berth. I stood close to this nice young guy who was sitting and having a cup of coffee with his mom, and just patted him on the shoulder, because I was invading his space, and he was being very cool about that. Mister Sunshine got his coffee, added his flavorings and left. I got up to the counter and ordered my latte, and chatted with the owner and his daughter for a few minutes, and left.

I got outside and into my van before I noticed that Mr. Sunshine was sitting at a table in front of the coffeehouse. I started the van and waved and smiled like he was a lifelong friend, and pulled away. But as I did he sneered, actually curled his lips in disgust at me. What a jerk!

Monday, September 24, 2007


I know this is a few days late, but happy anniversary honey. Thanks for eleven great years, four beautiful kids, two cats in the used to be so hard, but everything is easy cause of you.

I love you.