Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hellementary School

I have kids in two different elementary schools. Amanda goes to a liberal arts magnet school. It is a fabulous environment for learning, supported by the community, and with a great staff. She is really thriving there, and making lots of great friends.

Meanwhile, my other two, languishing on the waiting list for said school, are at a neighborhood school. Maddie's teacher is fabulous, one of those adorable blonde people who loves little kids and has the patience of a saint. She knows how to get the kids motivated and on task. When I brought cupcakes for Maddie's birthday, the whole class cheered in unison "Wow!" It was pretty cute.

Sarah, however, brought home a note from school today saying her teacher is leaving. A transition is always tough, but this will be her fourth teacher for this school year. YES FOURTH. We are in our fifth week of the school year.

I am so unimpressed with this neighborhood school.

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