Monday, October 30, 2006

In Defense of Halloween

My oldest, lifelong pal, emailed me today in response to my question, "Are you ready for Halloween?" basically telling me that for a variety of reasons, though she enjoyed it very much as a kid, as an adult doesn't celebrate...and I emailed her this encouragement to get on board with the fun stuff! If you have any other reasons to love this day, I hope you share them!

I love Halloween, and here are some good reasons to get on board with this fun day...

1. You can get dressed up in fun ways. A few years ago, when Amanda was in preschool at our catholic school in St. Louis, I went dressed as a chocolate chip cookie, wearing vanilla perfume. I told gross jokes to the older kids and asked all of them if they "Got MILK?" It was so fun.

2. You can embrace ORANGE as a fashion choice. Orange and black, even better.

3. Your kids leave the house and come back bearing candy, that you have to sort through to make sure it is "safe" before they get to eat it. I have noticed that very few of the good chocolate bars make it into the "safe" pile (Almond Joys are NEVER safe).

4. Halloween music. Just try not to get into the spirit of things after hearing "The Monster Mash" is not possible.

6. Kids are so cute in their costumes. Especially little babies. I just LOVE seeing the babies in their little suits.

7. Candy corn.

8. Hot chocolate after trick or treating. (Try adding some peppermint schnapps to yours!)

9. Trick or treating = exercize + candy. Balance in the universe. No guilt!

10. Halloween ushers in the holiday season. It is party, party, party from now until the end of the year!


Andrew said...

Okay, you've convinced me. A black shirt with an orange tie it is! Yeehah!

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Michelle said...

Oh, girl!!! You forgot about mellowcreme pumpkins!!! They are right up there with candy corn!!!
...Or you can get the Autumn Mix, which has both. ;) A bag of that and a scary movie is just my thing!! For a great classic ghost story, you can beat 1944's "The Uninvited"....and modern day, "The Others" never fails to freak me out. Happy Halloween!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cutie Cara,

I have tried several times to leave a message but it never worked so here I go again! I LOVE Halloween...I really love wearing wigs and since I get funny looks any other part of the year this is MY DAY! LOVE you and hope to see you SOON. BB of NV