Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Scott!

Scott, doing one of his most favorite things, climbing.

Every girl needs a few friends she would go to the end of the earth for. I would have to say that I am more fortunate than most. I have the luxury of having a handful of really dear friends, the aforementioned Amanda, my childhood pals Demeca and Anne, my former sister in law Linda, sweet Bonnie of Nevada, and Scott. Today is Scott's birthday!

Scott and I met January 27, 1998, a week after my daughter Amanda was born. My cousin, Ennio, wanted to stop by and see the baby and brought along a friend. Well needless to say when Scott walked in my first thought was, "Jeez, this is one good looking guy!" The second thought I had was "great, I am a mess..." One week post partum, no make up, no sleep, hair a mess, big tee shirt and leggings, and oh yeah, leaky breasts. I felt so special.

But Scott was so charming, so kind, and didn't look at me like some post partum circus sideshow, he just was warm and friendly, and really smitten with the baby. He even hit it off with my mother in law!

Well, Scott and I became great friends, immediately. I never felt like there was a time we didn't know each other. We have spent hours lamenting relationship woes and bitching about politics. When I need advice, or a friendly ear, Scott is who I turn to. When I write, especially about politics, he is my sounding board, he is the audience I aim for, because of his clear sense of decency and finely attuned bullshit barometer. I know that if what I write passes by him that I have done my job.

Scott is someone I just like to sit and drink wine with and listen to him play the guitar, and talk for hours. He has a great mind, and sense of humor, and a tremendous amount of compassion. Someday some lucky lady is going to catch this guy, and I will be so happy, but she has to know up front that I am not going ANYWHERE!

Love you Scott, I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and this has helped you take stock of the things that MATTER.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Scott! I love any political, liberal minded man who loves babies and brand-new mamas.
An admiring, married total stranger

Anika said...

happy birthday scott, this stranger hopes you have a cool one. after all, scorpios rule!

itinerant said...

enough to make a girl wish she still lived in arizona. *smile*

happiest of days, Scott.

Bonnie of Nevada said...

Happy B-Day Scott! Anyone mentioned in Cara's "special friends" list is a friend of mine! Hey Cara, invite him to the "Girls Weekend 2006" :-) I am sure we can drink him under the table!! LOVE and KISSES!! BB of NV