Friday, May 11, 2007


Well, yesterday Donna was removed from life support. An EEG determined that she had stroked out and her brain was no longer functioning. Carla, accompanied by her partner Greg and friends from the parish, surrounded Donna and sent her off to a very gentle death. My friend Bridget tells me it was a very beautiful, but sad, event.

Slick Willie, he of the Aquaphor addiction, coated our long haired cat, Gabby in Aquaphor the very next day. The cat had to have a bath, only adding to her humiliation and anger. Of course, she had to receive the "Dawn Wildlife Treatment" to get this thick viscous goo out of her fur, and she promptly hid for a couple of days.

Sarah has lost another tooth, I can't imagine she has any more baby teeth at the rate they have been popping out of her.

Maddie continues to wrestle with the forces of the angel on one shoulder and the devil on her other one. Usually the devil wins.

Amanda and her friend Katie talk several times a day about our upcoming move to the city (oh yes, we are moving!) and how they will cope with their separation.

I sit here on the computer ignoring the urgent need to pack and clean. I keep telling myself that once my cold passes I will get moving, but Scrabble calls.

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MOMKISS2U said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend. Funny how butterflies only live one day. Best to you.