Thursday, July 12, 2007

Late Entry: The Passing of Grandma

My grandmother, Lee, passed away in May and we were in the middle of moving, so getting this entry and the photos in was really challenging. I don't have all the photos from that day, and am really sad that I didn't take more photos of the family together. The service was beautiful, though I swear the music came from The Best of John Ashcroft.

I really miss Grandma.

Photos from Grandma's Funeral

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hot Fun in the Summertime

As I write this I am suffering from a tremendously sprained ankle. I don't know why I thought I was capable of walking and carrying a mug of coffee at the same time, in retrospect I should never have attempted such a complicated move. Way outside of my skillset. So, it happened Saturday morning. Charles had gone into work, and the kids were still asleep, and it was a truly lovely morning. I ran outside to turn on the sprinkler and water my crunchy tomato plants, and then went out front and got the newspaper. The kids were just emerging from their nests, and were eager to go out and play, so I thought it would be a nice idea to sit out on the patio with a cup of coffee and the paper while they blew bubbles and drew with sidewalk chalk.

So I ran inside, grabbed a cup of coffee, and the rest is history.

The fall itself was quite artful really. I stepped out onto the back step, still holding the storm door with my right hand (the handle cut the base of my George Bush finger as I went down). My left ankle gave as my sandal slipped a bit and I went airborne, suspended in a twirl like something out of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, coffee arcing around me. As I hit, I skinned two toes on my right foot and the inside (huh?) of my right knee as I splayed out on leftover feathers from a bird Juniper brought to me earlier in the week.

The kids were wonderful. They helped me back up, didn't quibble about going back inside, and helped me over to the sofa. Maddie brought pillows. Sarah got the phone and remote. Amanda made me an ice pack and prepared oatmeal for her sibs. She even got me a piece of cold pizza to chew on.

Later in the afternoon Charles came back and my mom watched the chillins while we went to the ER. I felt pretty guilty because I got in, was seen immediately, and was out very quickly, while people who had been sitting there for hours continued to wait. They confirmed no break, and sent me home on crutches with instructions to not do that again.

I have learned a few things. The most important is to not sit in the leather recliner wearing shorts for long periods of time or your skin becomes one with the chair. Also, don't go back to the kitchen after a couple of days on your back. The men and kidfolk don't get it that we do not want to deal with every single dish in the house piled along the counters and in the sink, and the garbage stacked precariously on top of the cans. Also, be sure to tell your mate if you have clothes in the washer, or you will be rewashing them.

Today I will venture out to the patio again, gingerly. I have a beautiful terra cotta pot that I want to get my herb plants into.

Wish me luck.