Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Why I Suck

Lately I haven't been very good to my most beloved blog. I have neglected it. I have been writing, but I end up saving drafts for various reasons, and not finishing my work. I think I need therapy.

I will say that I have had a full plate lately. First of all, I am working again, and that is taking a lot of my energy and most of my weekend time. Also, my grandmother is not well. Well, that is an understatement. My grandma is dying. When I work I stay at her house and watch her, and if she is in the hospital, like she has been a lot lately, I watch her cat, Winston.

Also, this winter has really sucked. We have had about 80 inches of snow since December 1, and I hate snow. I get in a winter funk and fail to achieve much of anything except new levels of sedentariness. I am not a fan of winter at all, but this one has really been awful. Plus we have had a lot of snowdays, and even if the school had classes it was always hit or miss if the bus would actually show up. Cabin fever amplified by four kids...YIKES. I have got to get off this mountain before the next winter!

This brings me to illness. I got sick right after Thanksgiving, and lost my voice until last week. My kids have had various illnesses, including but not limited to chickenpox, colds, and strep throat. Maddie, the 5 year old, got strep in the middle of February, went through her antibiotics, finished a week and a half ago, and then last Thursday was sick again. Friday she was worse, and Saturday morning we took her to the Emergency Room, where they decided to admit her. Her sodium levels were high, she had strep, dehydration, and was in ketosis. Thank goodness we got her in! Saturday was pretty damned scary, she just laid on the bed, unable to swallow her own saliva, in terrible pain, with an IV. They gave her morphine, and that didn't even make a dent in her pain. She had steroids, and a nuclear bomb of an antibiotic to halt the infection. Now she was released on Sunday, but given another course of a stronger antibiotic, and when she is done we have to have her cultured again to determine if she is a carrier! UGH!

So, I will try to get better about this, and catch you up on the excitement. I have a draft for my beautiful daughter Amanda that I wrote on her birthday that I will finish tomorrow (January 20th was the date I wrote it, so I am a little behind!) and there is the Father Daughter Dance to blog about, and I am working on a little thing about Willie and his new favorite game, "Crazy Eyes!"

Back tomorrow!